Welcome to The Helsinki Conservatory of Music

Since its foundation in 1922 the Helsinki Conservatory of Music has been one of the leading conservatories in Finland. Together with The Guards Band we form a vibrant centre of music in the heart of the capital city. A significant number of the top Finnish professionals of music (soloists of orchestras, pedagogues) have studied at the Helsinki Conservatory of Music. The student body comprises 70 students enrolled in vocational music studies and about 1000 students in basic education. The Conservatory employs about 100 distinguished pedagogues and performers.

Preemptive measures regarding the COVID-19 pandemic

We at the Helsinki Conservatory follow the COVID-19 situation carefully, abide by the recommendations and restrictions, and do our best to prevent the spread of the virus. The safety of our pupils, students, staff and guests is our utmost priority.

As a preemptive measure against the spread of the virus, we have made sure that you can wash your hands as you enter the Conservatory and that you can use hand sanitizer regularly. There are toilets on the first floor, and several bottles of hand sanitizer are provided.

We highly recommend using face masks both outdoors and indoors. We kindly ask you to download the Koronavilkku app.

Please remember to keep your distance indoors, just as you do outdoors.

Attending events during the pandemic

  • Please check the time of the event on our web page (link to the Concert Calendar can be below) and note that changes are possible.
  • We have reduced the seating in both of our concert halls. In the Concert Hall, only the even numbered rows are in use. There must also be two empty seats between each group of attendants.
  • Both our halls are well ventilated and kept clean. We’ve increased the cleaning efforts in these spaces.
  • The cloakroom is currently not in use. Coats and jackets can be brought into the hall and placed on the empty seats.
  • Please fill the seats starting from the front and from the middle of the rows towards the ends.
  • Keep your distance from others before, during and after the event.

Our preemptive measures are only as effective as you make them. Do not come to the Conservatory if you are sick.

We thank you for your considerate cooperation.

Directions for a safe visit at the Conservatory during the Covid-19 epidemic: Guide for pupils and guardians, updated Aug. 10

Concert Calendar (in Finnish)