Welcome to The Helsinki Conservatory of Music

Since its foundation in 1922 the Helsinki Conservatory of Music has been one of the leading conservatories in Finland. Together with The Guards Band we form a vibrant centre of music in the heart of the capital city. A significant number of the top Finnish professionals of music (soloists of orchestras, pedagogues) have studied at the Helsinki Conservatory of Music. The student body comprises 70 students enrolled in vocational music studies and about 1000 students in basic education. The Conservatory employs about 100 distinguished pedagogues and performers.

Current matters

Student admissions (Basic Education) 2021

Choir applications to be accepted between May 3rd and August 31st here.


The instructions consider all students and pupils, personnel and all visitors to the conservatory. The instructions are drafted in cooperation with the Covid-19 coordination unit of the capital area, as well as with the Regional State Administrative Agency of Southern Finland.

Safe return to contact teaching requires orderly cooperation from us all.

General guidelines

  • Do not come to the Conservatory if you have any symptoms, if you are ill or if you are under quarantine.
  • Always wear a face mask or a respiratory mask while at the Conservatory, both while moving about and during classes. Wearing a mask is not required if you are alone in a practice room, classroom, office, or break room.
  • Everyone over the age of 12 must wear a mask unless they are medically exempt. A social distance of min. 2m must be kept while at the Conservatory. For wind instrument classes, we continue to use plexiglass guards and visors in addition to face masks.
  • Guardians bringing children to lessons in basic education in music may not enter the Conservatory building. The teachers will collect the children from the lobby for their lesson if necessary.
  • Wash or sanitize your hands when you arrive at the Conservatory building, when entering or exiting a classroom and before touching any instruments or communal devices.
  • Follow the proper coughing and sneezing etiquette, covering your mouth and nose with a disposable tissue or with your sleeve.
  • Abide by general, nationally advised hygienic instructions.

Music play school

  • Music Play School lessons for play groups and rhythm groups (zither, ukulele and flute) are given as contact teaching. Adults may escort the children to and from the lesson, but are forbidden from waiting in the conservatory building for the duration of the lesson.
  • Unfortunately, family groups must continue in distance teaching, since it is not yet allowed to organize parent-child group activities in Helsinki.

Music School

  • All music lessons (private lessons) for all children are given as contact teaching. If needed, students, teachers and guardians can agree to continue remote lessons. (Quarantine cases for example.)
  • However, all theory lessons continue in distance teaching, apart from exams.
  • Orchestral and choir lessons are given in contact teaching, in small groups, in a manner that makes it possible to keep proper distance.
  • Concert based examinations are carried out in the conservatory, in presence of only the evaluators and the examinee. It is possible to take the exam by preparing a video instead. Please discuss practicing with the accompanist, and remember to abide safety instructions when practicing.

Vocational education

  • Vocational students have received these instructions separately by email.

Open Conservatory

  • All lessons will continue as distance teaching for the duration of the semester, according to instructions given to us. The semester has been prolonged until the end of May.



  • The library is available as self-service during the Conservatory building opening hours. When needed, you can contact the librarian via email.
  • Please contact the librarian by mail, if needed: kirjasto@konservatorio.fi
  • Loans have been extended until May 31.

Contacting administrative staff

  • Please contact our administrative staff primarily via phone or email (konservatorio@konservatorio.fi). Any necessary in-person meetings should be scheduled in advance.

Contacting the management staff

  • Please contact us by email or by phone.

Information about the holidays and important dates of the semester can be found from our Finnish website.

Concert Calendar (in Finnish)