Welcome to The Helsinki Conservatory of Music

Since its foundation in 1922 the Helsinki Conservatory of Music has been one of the leading conservatories in Finland. Together with The Guards Band we form a vibrant centre of music in the heart of the capital city. A significant number of the top Finnish professionals of music (soloists of orchestras, pedagogues) have studied at the Helsinki Conservatory of Music. The student body comprises 70 students enrolled in vocational music studies and about 1000 students in basic education. The Conservatory employs about 100 distinguished pedagogues and performers.

Current matters

Mupe group schedule (Music theory schedule for next semester) here (on our Finnish web page).

Information about the holidays and important dates of the semester can be found from our Finnish website.


The semester will commence in contact teaching. Should the pandemic situation necessitate, rearrangemets shall be made.  If so, we will inform our pupils, students and their guardians by email, in Wilma, and on our web page.


  • Students and their accompanying adults should not come to the Conservatory if they have even the slightest symptoms of respiratory disease or other signs of illness (runny nose, cough, sore throat, fever, shortness of breath, muscle ache, stomach ache, headache) or if they are in quarantine.
  • Wash your hands carefully with soap and water or use hand sanitizer as soon as you come to the Conservatory and before using any shared instruments or appliances.
  • Avoid unnecessary contact while at the Conservatory and keep a social distance of 1.5–2 meters whenever possible.
  • All those at and above the age of 12 must wear a face mask in the conservatory
  • The accompanying adult should wait for the lesson to end outside the Conservatory and only come to pick up their child after the lesson is over. If needed, our teachers will collect their students from the lobby when the lesson begins and accompany them back there once the lesson is over. Our youngest students may have their guardian accompany them to their first lessons, if necessary.
  • Arrive just before your lesson begins and leave your classes as quickly as possible.


  • The students will primarily use their own instruments (very large instruments are an exception). If the student uses the Conservatory’s instrument that is held close to the face (e.g. a harp or a double bass), we recommend using a face mask in addition to following good hand hygiene etiquette.
  • Students will use their own sheet notes and other accessories (pencils, erasers, mallets, etc.).
  • Lessons can be held remotely at the scheduled lesson time if the student is under quarantine or if they have symptoms that would prevent them from coming to the Conservatory but are not severe enough to prevent them from receiving education. (Any remote lessons must be agreed upon with the teacher well in advance.)
  • If the student has any basic illnesses that their doctor has determined to be a risk factor for a severe coronavirus disease, special arrangements can be made with the headmaster and the teacher.
  • If a student falls ill and develops symptoms during their lesson, their guardian will be contacted and the student will immediately be relocated to a separate space to wait for their guardian under adult supervision. The supervising adult will avoid close contact with the student.


  • Keep all contact details for both students and their guardians up to date.
  • Please contact our administrative staff primarily via phone and email.

Concert Calendar (in Finnish)