Basic Education in Music

Music Play School

In the Music Play School every child receives elementary instruction in music and musical skills through positive experiences. The child’s sense of melody and rhythm develops while singing, playing games, listening to music and moving in harmony with music. In this way the child is led to develop an interest in music. For age groups ranging from 3-month-olds up to 7-year-olds. Language of tuition is Finnish, but the non-Finnish-speaking parents of our pupils find information on our web page.

Preparatory instrumental instruction

Musical training is offered both in small groups and in individual instrumental lessons for children between the ages of 5 and 8. The duration of studies is one year after which a child may take part in the entrance examination to the School of Music.

Availability for preparatory instrumental instruction varies by instrument.

Music school

a) Basic studies (ISCED level 1)

Musical training is offered to young instrumentalists and singers under 16 years of age in solistic study, theory and history of music. Participating in chamber music, orchestras and/or choirs is included in the studies. Tuition is given in individual instrumental lessons for 45–60 minutes / week and in theory and history of music / solfège lessons for 45–60 minutes / week.

b) Advanced studies (ISCED level 2)

Musical training is offered to those young instrumentalists and singers who have succesfully completed their basic studies. Tuition includes solistic study, second instrument, theory and history of music/solfège and participation either in chamber music, orchestra or choir every year. Tuition is given for 45–60 minutes / week in individual instrumental lessons (30 minutes / week for the second instrument). Theory of music / solfège lessons or history of music take 60–90 minutes / week.