Tuition fees

Tuition fees per semester for Basic education in music, valid as of 1 August, 2023. Fees are valid for tuition both old and new syllabus.

Music Play School
tuition 60 min / week 180 €
tuition 30–45 min / week 160 €
special needs group 160 €
if participation cancelled latest after 2 tuition times: no fee

Preparatory instrumental tuition 270 €, no discounts

School for young singers 270 €, no discounts

Music school, basic studies 420 € *
Non-Helsinki residents: additional fee 220 €

Music school, advanced studies 420 € *
Non-Helsinki residents: additional fee 220 €

Adult tuition 420 € *
Non-Helsinki residents: additional fee 220 €

* = Registration fee for new music school students 15 €

Additional tuition
(only for students completing their studies) 450 €, no discounts

Second instrument 250 €, no discounts

Extended lessons (only on the basis of an accepted application)
15 min / week 250 €
30 min / week 420 €

Please note! Music school basic and advanced studies and adult tuition fees include music theory and solfège and participating in chamber music, orchestras or choirs.

Fees for others (persons not enrolled as students of the conservatory)

Practice choir Tähtisumu 90 €, no discounts
Other basic education in music choirs 120 €, no discounts

Orchestras, no fee

Music theory and solfège 250 €, no discounts
fee includes max 2 courses

Completing a course with 3 assessors, 220 €
Completing a course with 2 assessors, 180 €

Reduction to tuition

Recution can be applied for, before the end of August, by all who are participating either to basic or advanced studies.

The factors influencing this decision are the applicant’s success in their studies, as well as their financial situation. The applicant must fill the form carefully and remember to provide information regarding their situation. The form is to be returned to the conservatory’s office.

Exemption form payment can be granted for a student who is particularly promising and there is a lack of musicians mastering that particular instrument in the conservatory.

Application (in Finnish): Hakemus lukukausimaksun alennukseen (pdf)


Autumn semester will be billed at the end of September and spring semester at the turn of February.


Tuition fees must be paid in due time. Should the studies be quit mid-semester, the tuition must be paid in full. Redustion to the tuition can be granted, according to a written request submitted to the headmaster, in case where quitting is due to a heavy reason, such as ill health.

Neglecting the payment will lead to dismissal from the studies.

Continuation of the studies

Studies will continue, if the student proceeds according to the study plan and registers to the conservatory in spring to continue their studies in the following academic year. Studies may be considered concluded if the student fails to register according to the schedule given, the studies have not proceeded according to the study plan, participation to the studies has been neglected, or tuition fees have been left unpaid.

Compensation for absences

The conservatory is not obliged to reimburse the lessons if the student is absent without a valid reason. Teachers are obliged to compensate for the lessons that have been cancelled by the teachers. Compensation due to the teacher’s sick leave will be conducted by substitute arrangements in a manner that the student receives at least 15 weeks of education in the autumn semester and 16 weeks in the spring semester (instrumental instruction, basic studies and music play school). In preparatory instrumental instruction, the amount of lessons is 13 per semester.

If a lesson is cut short due to the conservatory, the student will receive reduction to tuition according to following perimeters:

30 min. / 60 min. education, reparation 110 euros
45 min. / 60 min. education, reparation 60 euros