The Helsinki Conservatory has a well-equipped music library.  The library serves the staff as well as the students and pupils of the Helsinki Conservatory who have registered to be present.

You can get a library card by filling out the attached online form:



Opening hours


Monday-Friday at 8-20

Customer service:

Monday-Wednesday at 12-17

Thursday at 12-18

No customer service on Fridays.

You can contact us by e-mail or phone: kirjasto@konservatorio.fi, 040 651 2080.

The library customer service is closed during summer (June 5 – August 4).
Library can be used as self-service when the conservatory building is open.
Loans don’t fall due during summer.


Online library

Catalog search

Customer information

Loan renewals


For a library customer


Copying, printing and scanning

The Helsinki Conservatory has multifunction devices with which you can copy, scan and print. These multifunctional devices are located in the library and on the footbridges on the 2nd floor.

Copying with a multifunction device: https://wiki.metropolia.fi/display/itservices/Copying

Adding copy and printing credit

Vocational students and staff of the Helsinki Conservatory log into the device with their own username. It is possible to attach one of the following identification cards to the user ID to facilitate logging in:

  • The HSL travel card
  • The Palmia lunch card
  • a copy card available from the library

Adding copy and print value to the user account is done with online banking credentials here

Instructions here

Without online banking credentials, the copying and printing value can be transferred to the user ID by purchasing a €5 download ticket from the library’s customer service during service hours.

Copy cards

Basic education pupils and external customers can purchase a separate copy card during library service hours. You cannot print or scan with a copy card.

Copy card price list

€1: up to 7 copies, €2: up to 16 copies, €5: up to 45 copies, €10: up to 100 copies.

The price charged for copies


Vocational students of the Helsinki Conservatory can print black-and-white A4 prints free of charge in the library and in the computer classroom R129 next to the library (printing on the library printer).

The staff can print black and white A4 printouts free of charge in the library and in the teachers’ room.

Printing with multifunction devices is chargeable. It is also possible to print A3-sized and color prints with multifunction devices:

Copy fee chart: https://wiki.metropolia.fi/display/itservices/Copy+Fee+Chart




Vocational students and staff of the Helsinki Conservatory can scan with multifunction devices. Scanning is free of charge.

Instructions: https://wiki.metropolia.fi/display/itservices/Scanning


Naxos Music Library

Naxos Music Library streaming service is available to the conservatory’s staff and vocational students.

Username and password can be obtained from the library during customer service hours.

Naxos Music Library https://www.naxosmusiclibrary.com/login


Acquisition request


User regulations 


Library user guide

Library user guide.pdf



Overdue fee:

0,20 € per day / loan

New library card to replace a lost one:

3 €

Compensation price for lost or damaged materials:

25 € / item. If the material is more expensive than this, the full purchase price of the new corresponding item will be invoiced.


Contact details

Telephone: 040 651 2080

E-mail: kirjasto@konservatorio.fi

Staff: Ilkka Mikkola, Ilkka.mikkola@konservatorio.fi