Vocational education in Music, Upper Secondary Level

Vocational Qualification in Music for students (preferably between the ages of 16 to 20 years) aiming to become musicians. The duration of studies is three years and the extent 180 competence points. The study curriculum consists of individual instrumental tuition, solfège, theory of music (incl. music analysis, writing of music etc.), on-the-job learning, orchestral / chamber music / choral studies, conducting and elective music studies.

Studies include learning periods in real working life (on-the-job learning). These periods are goal oriented, supervised and assessed (by a workplace instructor). Skills demonstrations form a part of student assessment. In these demonstrations students show their vocational skills and competencies at work situations.

Students who have complete the Vocational Qualification in Music can apply for higher education studies (universities, academies of music). Completion of upper secondary education is considered to be the minimum requirement for performance in working life. The Conservatory cooperates closely with the Ballet School of the Finnish National Opera and several professional orchestras.

Applying to the Helsinki Conservatory of Music

It is possible to apply for the Helsinki Conservatory of Music with a limited knowledge of Finnish language. However, tuition is in Finnish. Individual lessons and ensembles can also be taught partly in English. During your studies you must have sufficient written and oral skills in Finnish. The Conservatory doesn’t provide any courses in Finnish as second language.

Detailed instructions on how to apply are available on our Finnish website